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Hearing "Beep" Sound, Find Out Desktop's Problem

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When you turn on your desktop computer, normally you hear a Beep sound coming from your CPU. Then your computer starts. But sometime you heard many Beep sounds from your CPU. Then you found there are some problems with your computer. Result your PC does not start.
Today I am going to tell you how can you find out the problems hearing those beeps.
So when the computer begins to boot, listen very carefully to the BEEP sounds

1 Beep :
Your computer has no problem. The PC starts normally.
2,3 & 4 Beeps : Check the  RAM whether it is in the right slot in your CPU. Remove RAM from the slot and reinsert in it if needed.
5 Beeps : Check out motherboard connections properly with all cards ( like-Graphics card, Sound card etc. ).
6 Beeps :
Check the keyboard connection with motherboard properly.
7 Beeps :
Check the processor's connection whether it is connected properly.
8 Beeps : If there is any problem with your Graphics card, then these beeps can be heard.
9 Beeps : This is very unusual.If there is a major problem with your bios, then these beeps are heard.
10 Beeps : Means CMOS Chip is not working.
( N.B. : To hear beeps, you should have internal speaker in your CPU. Some Motherboards provide an inbuilt speaker. If they do not provide any speaker, you can add speaker manually. )

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