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Easy way to make portable software - Dev TunesWe work with various softwares everyday. If you are working in your home. So you have all softwares installed in your PC. Then no problem.
But when you work on any other PC then you face the problems that the software you need that is not installed on that computer. Suppose you are working in a cyber cafe, at that time you need a software to finish your work. But in that computer that software is not installed. So you have to download that software and then you have to install the software. It is a waste of time and money too.
If you have the portable version of that software in your pendrive then no need to install that software. Just plug and work.
In this tutorial I am going to tell you, how to make a portable software easily.After creating the portable software copy it into your pendrive and use it anywhere.
Here I'm going to create Portable VLC media player. To make any other portable software the process will be same.
Step 1 :
Go to the folder in your computer where VLC media player is installed.
( C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC )
And select all files. (Ctrl+A)
How to make Portable Software easily 
How to make portable software easily

Step 2 :
Now make Archive of these files with Winrar.
How to make portable software easily with winrar
Step 3 :
Now there will open a window like below -
How to make portable software easily
Step 4 :
Now set up the General options like the above image.
Step 5 :
Now click on Advanced options. Then select SFX options..
How to make portable software easily
Step 6 :
Then one more new window will open.In that window under General option,set the "Setup program" which will execute after clicking the portable software.Write the name of that .exe file. In this case " vlc.exe " is the setup program which runs after extraction.
How to make portable software easily-dev tunes
Step 7 :
Now click on the Modes option and tick like the picture given below-
How to make portable software easily-dev tunes
Step 8 :
Now click on the Text and icon and enter the Title of SFX window. And enter a logo image in Load SFX logo from the file box as you wish.
How to make portable software easily-dev tunes
Step 9 :
Now click on " OK " and then again click on " OK " in the previous window.
Now you are done Archiving in progress.
After complete archiving the portable VLC media player will be ready to use.
making of Portable vlc media player- Dev Tunes

After completing vlc portable version software is ready and double click on it.
making of Portable vlc media player- Dev Tunes
After the decompression portable vlc player will start.

Copy this " vlc portable.exe " file in your pendrive and use it anywhere without installing software. Thus you can make a portable version of any software.
( N.B. : To make these portable software you need WinRAR software installed in your computer. )

Who are using Windows 7 (32bit) , they have faced a RAM problem that they cannot use the full 4gb RAM. It is locked by Windows. That's why we use windows 7 64bit.

But with a little PATCH FILE we can use the 4gb RAM fully.
This patch program creates a copy of windows7's kernel file " ntkrlpa.exe " automatically and saves the file as " ntkrllCE.exe ". Then the patch program opens the lock from " ntkrllce.exe " and creates an extra Windows7 boot menu and adds the new kernel file in it.
It means by original kernel file "ntkrnlpa.exe" or new kernel file "ntkrllCE.ese", windows will be bootable.
Before patching ::

After patching ::

How to patch ?
First of all you should download the patch file

NB:: Beware of ANTIVIRUS of your PC.It seems to the Antivirus that the file is a VIRUS. But  this program is virus free. So disable your antivirus while patching.
Step 2 :
Open the patch. Then click on PATCH x86 Ramlock. Then restart your computer.

Step 3 :
Then you will find the there will be an extra boot option. Don't panic. Log in with the new one.
Step 4 :
After login if you find the same as below picture...

Step 5 :
Then open the patch file again. And click on Remove Watermark. Then restart your computer.

Step 6 :
Now you have to configure boot option. So open the patch and click on Start msconfig

Step 7 :
Now you have to click on Boot and select the new boot option and click on Set as default.

If you do not want to make this boot option as your default boot option , then skip this step.
Now you are done...

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